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Kids enjoy reading books. Writing book reviews after reading each book is an excellent way to self-indulge kids in learning and writing activities. As soon as kids complete a book, their heads often start to wander with thoughts. Book reports are the best way to nourish them in forming their imagination. At the same time, it aids in sharpening their literacy skills. Kids create visual images of the characters and scenes of the book in their minds. It helps kids ponder about the book plot and develop their own opinion. Book review templates are a great learning resource.

What is a book review template?

A book review template is a template in which children shares their opinion about a book. They can share their thoughts about the characters, plot, strengths, and weaknesses of the book. They are also motivated to rate the book and draw an illustration of their favourite scene in the book.

How do book review templates help kids develop literacy skills?

Through book reviews, kids grasp narrative skills as they get to describe the book plot in their own words. Sharing about the characters helps them flourish a good vocabulary. There are several benefits of writing a book review. Use a fun book review template to motivate kids to savour more in critical thinking.

How to write a book review?

Writing a good book review is a skill as you need to understand the plot. Here are some steps to help kids write good book reviews.

1) Firstly, pick out the important points from the beginning, middle and end of the book. 

2) Secondly, write a summary using the key points. Describe what the book is about!

3) Now, imagine characters in your mind and identify the characters traits.

4) Explain which part you like the most. Identify the lesson in the book and things that could be improved in the book.

5) In the end, share your final thoughts about the book and provide a rating. You can also find the same genre books that are like this book and recommend it based on them.

Following are some amazing book review templates for kids

Book Reviews Examples or Templates

book review template for ks2 kids | book repot template

Book Review Template for kids

Book Reports for Kids

Book report template | Book review writing

book report template for ks1, ks2, ks3 kids | book review

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