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Make your kids clock-watching experts in no time through these printable learning clocks. Help your kids make a cardboard analogue clock of their very own with cardboard packaging. These clock activities are perfect for each age student either kindergarten, year1 or year2. It will only take 10 minutes to make this clock and will help your kids in practice telling time. This activity will not only help you in teaching your kids how to read time but will also help your kids build some DIY skills. This fun homemade printable clock template is a great tool to engage your kids and make the process of learning to read the time easier for them. Clock activities are a fun way to learn time-telling. And, it’s no doubt your kid will learn to tell time with this clock craft template easily.



DIY Analogue clock | how to make a wall clock with cardboard
Free printable clock to teach time to kids

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Using the given free printable sheets, you can make appealing cardboard clocks that will help you in teaching your kid how to tell and read the time. Teach your kids the times o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past with these homemade analogue clocks. You can also use the printables as build a clock worksheet.

clock worksheets |  preschool clock printable | clock activities for kindergarten
This is a perfect preschool clock printable. Also, Check out our range of telling time worksheets for kids

Perform Amazing Clock Activities with these Free Printables

You can download the clock of your choice by clicking the pictures below.


clock activities | printable clock printable
clock template printable | make a clock at home
clock activities
clock template printable | make a clock at home
clock activities  | build a clock worksheet
How to teach to tell time to kids
telling time clock template | build a clock worksheet
clock hands


Material needed:


Cardboard, A4 size

Paper Pin



Print of any clock face below


Follow the steps below to make the cardboard analogue clock activity:

Download and print the preferable clock template printable from our free printable provided below.

Step 1: Carefully cut the clock, the hour hand and the minute hand with scissors.

Step 2: Paste the clock on the cardboard with glue. Let it dry then cut out the clock.

Step 3: Paste the hour and minute hands on the cardboard with glue. Let them dry then cut out the hour and minute hands.

Step 4: Insert the paper pin through the hour hand, the minute hand, and then through the clock.

An educational and amazing cardboard clock is ready in just 10 minutes for teaching your kid how to tell time.


printable clock face for teaching time | printable learning clock


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I hope you enjoy these amazing colourful clock printables.

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