Fun Things to do with Kids – Interesting Family Activities

Family time is very crucial. It increases family bonds, communication, and brings them closer. However, the increasing use of technology is putting a constraint on family time. Parents and children nowadays busy connecting on their phones with the outsider than people living in the same house. According to BBC News, 74% of families spend less time together than they did five years ago and, 92% of them blamed the technology. To make your family more connecting. Set aside at least some time to spend with them, it will strengthen the ties. There are a lot of family activities and fun things to do with kids.

List of Family Activities – Fun things to do with kids


Here is a list of 20+ fun family activities that you should do with your family to have unlimited hours of fun.


1) Make a family scrapbook album

Create a family scrapbook to preserve memories. Scrap-booking is a refreshing activity. The whole family can enjoy it without a doubt. At the same time, it is an excellent way to strengthen family bonds. Let the creativity fly during this activity.


2) Enjoy a family walk

Take the family out for a walk. Let the kids have fun, and, best of all, make memories that will last a lifetime. Collect nature items such as leaves, flowers, rocks, pebbles, sticks. Later, create beautiful crafts with the collected items.

family activity


3) Have a weekly family sports day

Pick a new sport every week and let the game begin in your backyard. Play relay races, tags, Frisbee, bowling, scavenger hunt. You can set up an intriguing obstacle course or start a water fight. Playing sports promotes teamwork, and strengthens family communication. Especially, it keeps you fit and healthy. Don’t forget to make sure that all games are safe to play with the kids.

family activity - water fight


4) Prepare a family meal together

Family meals on their own improve the sense of togetherness and strengthen the ties. Try cooking with your parents. Without a slight doubt, it binds the family in a more nurturing way. You could stay connected and spend quality time together. And for parents, by doing so, you can share and transfer culture to your kids. Let’s not forget, along with increasing, the confidence it gives children a hands-on learning experience.

family time activities

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5) Plan an outing

Organize a trip to an adventure park or hit your community park. Kids love to explore new places. In the meantime, you will get time to bond with children. Relish the family time while the kids enjoy going up and down on the seesaw.

things to do with kids


6) Clean the house together

Get the kids to help around the house by adding fun to it. You can intrigue kids by planning a scavenger hunt. You can make them dance while doing chores. As a result, kids will enjoy this.

How to spend time with family
Family Activities – Fun things to do with kids.

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7) Go to the beach

Grab your stuff and get ready for a day of fun with the family. Going to the beach is the perfect outdoor activity for the whole family. Above all, kids love to dig and build sandcastles. So, encourage the kids to let their imagination run free. On the other hand, check how far their creative skills take them.

fun things to do with kids


8) Visit library

The importance of books and libraries can never be overemphasized. Make a habit of taking your kids to the library every week or so. It is the best way to inculcate the love for reading and books in your child. It provides your children with resources and information that are not readily available at home. Moreover, it can’t be ignored that libraries are the safest place to spend your family time.

things to do with kids


9) Bake a cake

Baking stimulates your brain cells. It encourages scientific curiosity and creativity among children. Baking a cake together can help to inculcate the importance of family values in your children. Moreover, baking together can also help children to be more comfortable with food. It makes them healthy eaters.

indoor activities for kids


10) Play dress-up

Play dress-up games with your little ones. It proves to be more effective in brain building. It engages your child’s brain and memory. When you play dress-up with your kids, they imitate the character or person they dress up as, which in return produce empathy in young minds. Not just kids, but parents should also dress up because fun and learning come hand in hand.

family activities
Family Activities – Fun things to do with kids.


11) Watch a family movie

Family movie time brings family closer beyond the simple bonding. With good movies, parents can reinforce positive behaviour among their kids. Kids who co-watch with their parents have a better understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong. It helps them have a better perception of the world with a positive outlook.

things to do with kids


12) Teach you kids about charity

For children to be more upstanding and kind, the teaching of charity has great importance. It makes them more emphatic towards the world. It will empower your kid to be able to make a big difference in the long run. You can encourage them to donate their clothing pieces, their toys, or books. And tell them about people who need these things and why? Do tell your kids how their simple act of kindness can bring a smile to other faces. In this way, they have an insight into charity.


13) Build a DIY tent

Building a tent is the best way to stimulate your little one curiosity and imagination. It helps in the development of their motor and cognitive skills. Use this activity as a family time activity. You can use a simple sheet or clothesline to make your tent. Build a wooden frame or hang the cloth with wire. With this little minimum effort, you can make your kid happy.

summer activities for kids


14) Build DIY paper kites

Crafty projects have a very positive effect on children’s mental health. Making a kite is such a wonderful experience. Use a simple stick or string to make the frame of the kite. Then cut your paper in the shape of a kite and attaches it to a frame. In the last, bind the fly line and ribbon. That is all, and now you are ready to fly kites with your family. This simple activity is fun and rewarding at the same time.

summer activities for kids


15) Play board games

A family that plays together stays together. Board games are the easiest way to teach problem-solving techniques, sportsmanship, and teamwork to your kids. You can play Jenga, Uno, pie face, scrabble with your family, and have unlimited fun.

Family time activities
Family Activities – Fun things to do with kids.


16) Do a family handprint craft

Handprints and footprints are kids most favorite crafts. They love playing with colors and imprinting them. You can do this activity in numerous ways. You can print your whole family hands on a canvas and hang that canvass on a wall, or you can print them on a white T-shirt and can have your DIY t-shirt.

Family time activities


17) Make ice cream at home

Ice cream is every kid’s favourite. Instead of buying from a store, try making it at home. Along with having fun, and you get to spend quality time with each other. Lollies are the simplest of all. You only need a juice of your favourite fruit, pour it in an ice cream mould, and you are good to go. To involve children with you in simple kitchen tasks strengthens family time.


18) Play charades

Charades is not just a fun game but also have development advantages. It helps children to be creative and use their non-verbal communication skills. Playing charades with your kids, it will promote teamwork and will enhance their social skills.


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19) Visit a museum

Visiting a museum is an immersive learning experience for kids. It enhances their imagination and introduces them to the unknown world. Museums prove to be an exciting environment to spend quality time with family. Once you take your little one to the museum, you will be amazed to know how much capacity this tiny little brain has to store knowledge.


20) Play Simon says

Simon says, is the best game to develop your motor skills. Through this game, your kid can practice give and follow directions. When the whole family plays, Simon says it develops the feeling of equality and sportsmanship among kids. You can increase the difficulty level gradually to make it more interesting ( e.g Simon says jump and clap two times at the same time).

Fun things to do with kids - play Simon says


21) Host a dance party

Dance parties are a fun activity for people of all ages, especially young ones. It engages all the family members with the same interests. All you have to do is to set a perfect ambience for your family dance night. Grab your favourite snack, make a playlist considering everyone’s favourite. And that is it, now rock n roll with music.

Things to do with family


22) Plan a picnic in your backyard

Picnics are immense fun and provide the perfect opportunity to bond with the family. It gives us the albeit feeling in a relaxed environment. Try to inculcate this idea of a picnic with your family in your garden. Prepare your favourite food, arrange your garden for a picnic, and play different outdoor games with your family.

Things to do with kids


23) Put together puzzles

Puzzles are the best way to increase your IQ level. Overcoming the challenges in puzzles gives the feeling of self-esteem. You can play with your family and enjoy unlimited hours of fun. To make it more interesting, make two teams, and compete with each other. In addition to spending quality time, it will develop higher cognitive skills in your children.


24) Take a hike

Hiking makes your kids stronger, confident and brings them closer to nature. It makes them physically stronger. There could be no more wholesome activity than hiking. Don’t forget to make it fun. Create games that you can play with your kids on the trail. Look for the wildlife or ask your kids to count wildflower species.

Family Activities Fun Things to do with kids


25) Go for cycling

Cycling gives the best chance to explore the striking outdoor while having physical exercise. Cycling with your little ones is the best way to keep them entertained. You could make it fun by cycling in a park or bike along the river, maintaining a specific distance. It is not only a fun activity but enables your children to be familiar with the neighbourhood.

Family Activities Fun Things to do with kids


26) Yoga

Yoga has been proving to be the best way to maintain physical and mental health, not only for adults but also for children. It improves the immune system and enhances their concentration. Yoga can be a fun activity to do with your family. Get your family on a yoga mat and start with simple positions. You will be amazed to see how this simple activity can bring soo much joy.

Fun things to do with kids


27) Play games like hide and seek, pass the parcel, musical chairs

Outdoor games keep you active and stimulate your mental and physical activity. Games like hide and seek, pass the parcel and musical chair are no age bound. Be you are an adult or children, anyone can enjoy it with the same interest. Together with your whole family, you can play these fun games to strengthen your ties.

Family Activities Fun Things to do with kids


28) Lego Challenge

Lego challenges improve motor skills and make you creative. Connecting smaller pieces to make a full product brings immense satisfaction. To make it more interesting and challenging. You can divide into teams and set a timer to see who comes first.

We hope you will spend a great time while enjoying these activities with your family. Have a fun time :).


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