Free Time Activities List | Best free time and leisure time activities for kids

Are you looking for some free-time activities or leisure activities for your kids? We have put together these 24 free-time activities for kids. These engaging activities will help induce knowledge, diversity and respect that helps them become better people and leads. 

The Free time activities include in this printable are:

  1. Make a scrapbook.
  2. Cooking and baking.
  3. Volunteer for a good cause.
  4. Start learning programming skills.
  5. Start gardening.
  6. Write and read stories.
  7. Learn a new skill.
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Do recycling crafts.
  10. Make paintings.
  11. Learn new facts.
  12. Perform scientific experiments with the help of parents.
  13. Plan an outing.
  14. Play board games.
  15. Learn singing and dancing.
  16. Help your elders and neighbours.
  17. Do physical exercises.
  18. Enrol in free online courses for kids.
  19. Find a hobby or passion for yourself.
  20. Spend time with friends and family.
  21. Set goals and make a to-do list.
  22. Reorganize and clean your room.
  23. Take up a challenge.
  24. Organize a garage sale.

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Here’s the fascinating part, for spending free time: You or your kid don’t have to leave the comfort of the house. At the same time, all these leisure activities will keep kids busy and learning.

Click the picture below to download the free printable.

Free time activities and leisure activities

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